Lánxn (pronounced LAN-sin) is founded upon the simple belief to provide and empower Women with well-made crafted goods that can be used, carried, and loved each and everyday.

We design our handbags and accessories to be more, yet less - more beautiful, more sophisticated, and more luxurious; less complicated, less busy, and less costly.  Collaborating with the finest material suppliers in the world to produce limited run leather goods that are made with love and passion.

Behind the scenes, we are designers, artisans, and fashionistas come together from Canada, Italy, and Hong Kong to form Lánxn. Together we have over 40 years in handcrafting premium leather goods for the best-known designer brands in the world.

Now we have the chance to live our dream: to radically redefine modern luxury in bringing designer goods to all by eliminating all the unnecessary.


Lánxn is about building a community towards around a more sustainable fashion industry.  To do so, we intend to stay independent to pursuit our belief and made a pledge from the beginning - To give back to our community through collaboration and donation with non-profit organizations that are dedicated in making a better world.  To follow our footprint, sign up our newsletters for updates.

For collaborations, please email us at collaboration@lanxn.com.


We are a group of designers, artisans, technicians and product developers from around the world that had extensive experiences in some of the biggest fashion names in the industry from fast-fashion to luxury brands.  Each of Lánxn products are intentionally designed inspired by extraordinary women in the past to celebrate their actions that had helped shaped our society.  As of us, we strive to lead the initiative to demonstrate that quality and ethical goods can be bought at accessible prices, while being an intimate companion of modern women.