To make luxury handcrafted goods with finest materials by elegance and passion one at a time.

All we do

Holistic Construction

With more than 40 years in crafting for premium global fashion houses, our handbags and small accessories are made entirely in-house, from design, to production and to distribution. Each piece is meticulously crafted by hand from start to finish in limited quantities per run guaranteed with a lifetime warranty.

Finest Materials

We insist using the finest because we believe excellence begins at the source and how fashion feels is at least as important as how it looks.  With our established intimate relationship in the industry, we find our way to source the same natural materials across Europe that had only been accessible to the best-known luxury brands due to its scarcity and high cost.

Limited Quantities

We all know fashion trends comes and goes.  But, most unsold fashion accessories goes into our environment as a result.  At Lánxn, we craft our items in a small and limited quantities per season.  By producing in a set limited quantities not only we are able to  keep our inventory low, but to eliminate "dead-stock" going into our environment while allowing us to focus on the quality in greater details and create a sustainable fashion cycle.

Our Hands To Yours

We know wholesale middlemen and retail stores are unnecessary and costly. Delivering luxury goods directly to you allows us to focus our resources on high design, superior materials and skilled construction, while championing social causes.  The catch?  Instead of the traditional 15x markup, Lánxn markup 2.5x on true cost.